林東源 Van Lin

GABEE. 創辦人

接觸咖啡領域已有20多年的時間,於2004年11月1日創立 GABEE. 專業咖啡館,也在同一年榮獲台灣咖啡協會舉辦的第一屆台灣咖啡大師比賽冠軍,GABEE. 的團隊在五年內贏得了台灣五座冠軍與兩座亞軍獎杯,七座榮耀創下了無人能敵的傲人成績,創辦人林東源先生在國內外奪得無數的獎項,經常受邀國內外專業評審與表演,擔任國家代表選手教練,在各餐飲學院、職訓中心與教育中心擔任講師,不斷的致力於推廣專業咖啡文化,為了能讓咖啡擴展到更大的群眾,開始協助發行Coffee t&i 國際中文版專業咖啡雜誌,並藉由跨界合作的方式,將咖啡融入生活周遭所有的事物,讓咖啡真正成為生活的一部份,創造出獨特的咖啡文化。也希望藉由這本書的出版讓熱愛咖啡、想經營咖啡館,更甚至學習品牌與人生思考的你們可以跟著一起前進。

Founder of GABEE. Café

Van has been in the coffee industry for more than 20 years. Van established GABEE. Café on November 2004 and he also became the champion of First Taiwan Barista Championship in the same year. Team GABEE. achieved outstanding record at Taiwan Barista Championship in the following 5 years, totaled 7 trophies including 5 champions and 2 runner-ups.

Van won various awards in local and overseas competitions and also been invited to be judge or performer in many major occasions. To promoteprofessional coffee industry in Taiwan Van started totrain professional barista competitors and host many sessions in schools, training & education centers. Later he published Chinese edition of Coffee t&I magazine hoping to make publics have more understanding about coffee and to create an unique coffee culture to makecoffee becoming part of daily lifestyle for everyone.